Dirtsack was born from a sheer desire to use well-designed motorcycle luggage that was both tough and convenient to use. Luggage available in the country didn’t fit the bill, and what did was imported and extremely expensive. 

So we set off on a journey, both physically and metaphorically, to create the ideal saddle bag.

We created prototypes with the best components money could buy, and engineered features to make our lives easier. Then, we rode through the most unforgiving landscapes in our country, and fine tuned our products based on the requirements of real riders.

It was no surprise that when the first batch of the Dirtsack saddlebags came off the machines in 2013, they were the toughest bags around. Many of our first bags are still in use today, and their owners are diehard Dirtsack fans.

A decade and many thousands of bags later, not much has changed in the way we think at Dirtsack. It is a business today, but we still build bags for friends around the globe.

Our tech has gotten better, our community has gotten bigger, and our products – even tougher.

But our mission remains the same – To build dependable motorcycle luggage that you can trust blindly. Because good luggage is the kind you can forget. 

It allows you to focus on the ride, through monsoon thunderstorms and snow, through high passes, and monstrous water crossings, without having to spare a thought on your luggage and what it holds. 

Dirtsack lets you do just that. Honestly, we like our luggage being taken for granted!