Free shipping is via road transport and takes anywhere between 2 to 10 days to reach most destinations within India. Express overnight shipping, if opted for, costs extra – at actuals and takes between 24 to 48 hrs in most cases to reach most destinations within India. We ship worldwide and timelines for these range between 3 to 7 days to reach most parts of the world. Clearance from local customs and statutory bodies might consume extra time.

Some bags might not be compatible with your motorcycle. Bags that are rectangular in shape do not normally fit bikes with upswept exhaust pipes. A clearance of at least 2 inches ought to be maintained between exhaust pipes and bag bottoms.

Also check out the Dirtsack Heat Shield, listed under accessories on our site. We use it on all our bikes, ranging from the Himalayan to the KTM 390 ADVs and also the Triumph Tiger. The heat shield provides a physical barrier between the hot exhaust pipe and the bottom of the bag but direct physical contact is still to be avoided at all costs.

Yes, we do! Last-minute ride plans and ride buddies who won't take no for an answer? Fret not… we ship overnight! Applicable shipping fees are charged at actual.

The description of the product highlights this. If you’re still not sure and would like human assurance, feel free to call us on our customer care number!

If you purchased a product from us and found that it does not fit your bike or expectations, you can return it to us — Unused - no questions asked.

Just contact our team, and we’ll guide you through the return process. All we ask is that the bag is returned unused, and with its original packaging.

We, as riders, have immense respect for the rider community and are committed to ensuring you have a great experience with us. So do let us know what went wrong, and we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Don’t worry, this happens from time to time. While our bags are built tough and can withstand a lot of abuse, they are not indestructible and could cave in under certain circumstances. Send us several pictures of your damaged product, shot under natural light and as detailed as possible. We may ask for the bag to be sent to us if we feel repair and refurbishment are possible. We may, however, post-assessment, tell you that the product is a write-off and cannot be repaired. Under these painful circumstances, we have, on several occasions, offered very friendly discounts on replacement products! It’s not the norm and not a promise but hey, we’re riders and will do something to cheer you up!

Dirtsack products pass through several layers of stringent quality control checks during and after production. However human errors cannot be completely written off. If you feel your product is defective and would like us to replace the same, do get in touch with us with details of your purchase and relevant pictures of the faulty product. We will move mountains to right the wrong!

Products are normally shipped within 24 hours of receiving orders. Get in touch with us immediately. If the product has not been shipped, we will cancel the order and refund the amount paid to the original source of payment within 48 hours in most cases. In case the product has been shipped, please accept the shipment and then ship it back to us, unused and in its original packaging. On receipt of the product, we shall assess the same and initiate a refund almost immediately.

No difference at all. All registered and authorised dealers are partners and extend the same quality and service that Dirtsack is renowned for.

We sell replacements for almost all straps and hardware used on our products. Browse accessories on our site, drop us a line or just call the customer helpline in case the part you’re looking for is not listed.

We ship worldwide. Use the shipping calculator on the product page to have a better understanding of relevant shipping costs.

Have a look at the care instructions on our site. Only hand wash soiled luggage in warm water and mild detergent. Do not dry clean the bags. Never ever! Petroleum-based cleaning solutions, used in dry cleaning, wreak havoc on nylon/polyester fabrics.

Lightly soiled or dusty bags need only vigorous dusting, complete drying if damp or wet and then storage in a dry place.

Dirtsack bags are known to last for a very long time. All you need to do is look after them - post rides. Follow the care instructions on our site and the basic guidelines for weight and volume. Travel light, do not over-stuff bags, and be gentle with zippers and pullers – keep them clean and well-oiled.

We still service a few bags each year from our first lot of production pieces from a decade back!

The metal buckles on the Max are called cam buckles. They are known globally to be extremely reliable and are tested for loads exceeding 200 kg. They are simple to use and almost fail-safe.

Definitely not inside your luggage. The best way to carry fuel is within certified fuel carriers – fuel-safe bottles, canisters or bladders. These should ideally be strapped onto pannier tops or within dedicated bottle holders.

Please note – petroleum products cause irreversible damage to soft luggage. Such damage is obvious and not covered under warranty.

To each, his own is the mantra here! Both bags are 100% waterproof, though the Frogman is built tougher and uses welded PVC fabric in the main waterproof compartment.

The Longranger Pro offers multiple layers of protection, with highly water-retardant and abrasion-proof outer fabrics, and then from an inner layer of waterproof, seam-sealed dry bag. Both are built like tanks and should see you through many memorable rides.

We ship confirmed orders within 24 hours of receiving them. Once shipped we cannot modify them for you, though you could place a fresh order. If not shipped, we will hold the order for you, and wait for you to add to or delete from your existing order and complete payment. Goods will then be shipped.

Some repairs can be done locally. Just buy replacement spares and parts from us and meet your friendly neighbourhood bag repair guy!

Some repairs however are best done at our end. It may cost you more to ship the product to and fro, but the quality of repair will be far superior.

We love customising products for ride clubs! We do not ask for huge MOQs or tie you down with large commitments. A minimum batch size of 50 pieces of any design can be customised with club logos and even colours – in some cases. Just call our customer service guys or drop us an email.

Oh yes! Reach out to us on Instagram and tell us more about yourself!

Oops! We’re normally very proactive with these details… but just call us and we will send you the relevant details pronto!

An email with all your details is what we need... to begin the process.  We appoint a limited number of dealers in any geography and channel enquiries from said regions to the respective dealers.

From time to time we do hire interns across business departments – marketing, media, design, content creators – the works! Drop us a line with your CV or call us.

No sweat! These anomalies generally get corrected in 24 to 48 hours. If we receive your payment we ship your product. If we don’t, we provide documentation to help you take it up with your bank and correct the situation.

Yes! In almost all cases. The Max modular series is well within cabin baggage allowances. The bags convert to backpacks and allow riders to breeze through airports. Some of our larger bags can easily be checked in.

Sensibly! You’re on a motorcycle and not in an SUV, so pack light! Carry only as much clothing as you’ll need, wash and reuse. Carry essentials like a tool kit and first aid kit, and don’t forget that waterproof windbreaker.

Begin to gather all your essentials well in advance and pack at least a day prior! Distribute loads evenly on both sides – if using saddle bags. Stash heavier and bulkier goods near the bottom of the bags and lighter stuff on top. Remember to fold drybag roll tops at least thrice if you want them to keep out the rain.

From time to time we gather products from across our store that we have not listed on account of several reasons – minor stains and ornamental defects, stitches that don’t run so straight, slightly crooked brand prints etc. These defects are essentially ornamental and superficial and do not affect the life of the product, its utility or its performance in any manner. Most importantly – they are covered by the same best-in-class warranty as all our standard products! So if a few stains or a superficial defect does not bother you much and a hefty discount looks very attractive, just go for it! We’ve got your back.

Get in touch with the courier immediately using the tracking details that would have been shared with you. The companies we ship with make up to 3 attempts to deliver to an address. Goods are shipped back to us once all attempts have failed.

The ‘Dealers Near You’ section on our site lists out dealers by geography. Buy from our online store in case you are unable to find a dealer near you. Our return/replacement policy is super friendly… return unused goods, in case you’re not happy with them. Period. No questions asked.

The best quality components that money can buy.

600 to 1680 denier polyester and nylon fabrics, 580 to 800 gsm raft tarp PVC fabric, YKK zippers and sliders, 3M Scotchlite reflective, high strength thread from coats, ISO certified plastic fittings, certified load-tested metal buckles, high strength webbings… the list goes on.

In short Dirtsack bags are made of best-in-class components, an eye for and attention to minute detail and a passion for producing well-priced world-class motorcycle luggage that is unparalleled.

If you shop on Amazon or other e-commerce platforms, and goods get delivered to you, our products will also reach you. If you have faced grave difficulty in the past with similar deliveries, drop us a line and we will try and find a shipping partner who will play ball!

Hurry! We ship goods within 24 hrs of receiving confirmed orders. In case you wish to change your delivery address it has to be way before that. Once shipped from our end you will need to make arrangements to have the goods collected at the original address shared.

Take some good-quality pictures – in natural light, of the damaged product and share them with us. Ship the bag to us once we ask you to. We assess the damage on receiving the product and share an estimate of the repair charges and timelines to do the same. Once approved and paid for, we undertake the repair and ship the goods back to you. Shipping to us and back is to be borne by the customer.




Any other questions or other concerns should be sent to us at [email protected]