The Country’s First Rackless Luggage Mounting System

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Rackless systems allow adventure riders to travel light yet carry enough luggage and off-road gear to ride and live out in the open country. It allows bikes to be lighter – sans heavy steel pannier frames.

The ERUPT RACKLESS harness is designed to carry luggage on bikes without pannier frames or saddle stays and keep luggage safely and securely tethered to the bike and positioned safely away from moving parts and hot exhaust pipes. 

Ergonomically designed and constructed out of laser cut double layered 800 GSM PVC RAFT TARP Fabric, industrial webbings, and fittings, these are designed to carry our MAX Modular bags as also the Frogman CS ADV.

Immensely versatile, the ERUPT RACKLESS at its optimum has been tested with luggage configurations of over 80 Lts of volume. 


  • Waterproof Laser cut PVC RAFT TARP construction
  • Easy mount – dismount system
  • Compatible with MAX Modular & Frogman CS ADV Bags – Tested with luggage configurations of over 80lt volume.
  • Load-tested Automotive grade webbings.
  • Negates the use of pannier frames or saddle stays completely.
  • Compatibility – RE Himalayan, RE Scram, KTM 390 ADV, BMW GS 310, XPulse, Off Road – Dual Sport Bikes


  • Dimensions: L 60 W 21 H 42 once installed. 
  • Capacity: Compatible with MAX 10 & 20 & Frogman CS ADV. Allows luggage configurations of over 80lt volume.
  • Compatibility: Almost all large and medium format ADV motorcycles – HERO Xpluse 200, Himalayan, KTM 390 ADV, GS 310, Honda CB 500X

To understand compatibility, you can visit a dealer store along with your respective motorcycle, refer to our Instagram page, or contact us. 

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Frogman CS Black, Frogman CS Yellow, MAX 10, MAX 20, Only Harness


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